For many, a road trip means stocking the car with tonnes of delicious foods. The problem with this is that these foods often lack nutritional value – you get your typical bags of chips, lollies and cans of soda. However, even those who are more health conscious will concede that more nutritious foods sometimes aren't exactly travel-friendly. 

But you're about to embark on a long road trip and you need sustenance in the car with you. Today, we're going to help you find the four healthiest road trip snacks in Tasmania that are also perfect for the car. 

Drive for longer when you have healthy road trip snacks. Drive for longer when you have healthy road trip snacks.

1. Popcorn 

Of course! Popcorn is a go-to snack for many outside of the car, why not bring it along with you? It's so light, making it perfectly portable and won't stink up your car with bad odours. Just make sure your popcorn doesn't have too much extra salt or butter, otherwise you reduce the nutritional value of the snack. 

2. Seasonal fruits and veggies 

According to Eat Well Tasmania, August seasonal fruits include carrots and celery, which both make for great road trip snacks, as they're so dippable and filling. Cut them into strips and bring along some peanut butter or ranch dressing to dip them in. You'll be full in no time and you won't be feeling sluggish like you might after eating other junk food snacks.

A handful of seeds are perfect for when you're feeling peckish.

3. Nuts and seeds

Need some protein that also has a bit of a crunch? Pack a bag of nuts and seeds in your cab. They're loaded with healthy protein and fibre. Fresh or roasted nuts have similar nutritional value, so you can have whatever your taste buds desire. A handful of seeds are perfect for when you're feeling peckish. 

4. Ham or chicken salad roll 

You need your protein, veggies and carbohydrates to come together and create a well balanced meal – a ham or chicken salad roll will do just that! You can also use some of that left over pork to create a delicious snack. Sandwiches are also easy to eat with one hand as you steer with the other, making them a perfect road trip snack.

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Stop into your nearest store and fuel up your body and hit the road!