It’s Sunday, you’re at home and you’re thinking about the luscious roast pork you had at Mood Food earlier in the week – problem is, you have no desire to leave the house let alone the suburb. Problem solved! We’ve listed the top 3 roast pork recipes you can make at home that will (almost) make you forget the one we cooked for you.


3. Roast Pork with Pickled Cherry Sauce by Matt Preston

Coming from Presto himself, you would think this would be a quite the delicious dish.. You would be correct! I mean, this succulent roast pork is amazing but it’s the cherry sauce that takes it to another level all together.



2. Cantonese Roast Pork Belly by The Woks of Life 

If you’re after a little Cantonese flavour in your pork belly then this one’s for you.. This baby has just 8 ingredients and will teach you the secrets of some of the most amazing crackle you will ever experience.


1. Sage Roasted Pork Belly by Donna Hay

This simple but glorious recipe will take you back to your roots and reiterate the fact that with a beautiful cut of meat, you don’t need to mess around.. The simple combinations of garlic and  sage work their way through the pork to produce the best damn roast pork you’ve tasted since Mood Food.




Have you tried one (or all) of these recipes? We want to know your favourite..