Do you consider yourself a rustic camper, or more of a sophisticated glamper? Either way, you have one thing in common: you love the great Tasmanian outdoors!

The state is filled with beautiful parks and scenic recreation spots for campers of all levels. Here's three of Tasmania's top campsites that will be sure to please everyone this summer. 

1. Tasman National Park

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Discover the soul of Tasmania when you visit Tasman National Park. Go on a nature or bush walk exploring the ground by foot, climb the cliffs, boat in the bay or even hang glide over the whole park. You can really do everything here! Traditional campsites are the norm here at the Fortsecue Bay Campground, but you can pre-book a hut if you plan to stay on the Tree Capes Track.

2. Douglas-Apsley National Park

It's impossible not to fall in love with these grounds. Hike through the gorges and splash around in the steams or picnic aside the sparkling waterfalls. It's the ideal park if the summer is getting a little too hot for you. Plus, it has some very unique plants and animals – go on a sightseeing adventure in search of them! And good news – bush camping is free!

3. Southwest National Park

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This is one of Tasmania's most remote parks, so it's perfect if you're really looking to escape the city. Upon entering the park you'll be surrounded by amazing scenery including a skyline outlined with mountains, button grass plains and dense rainforest. Because it's so remote, some parts of the park are best accessible by driving. However, there are lighter paths for hikers, or you can take to the water for some kayaking. 

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