That gorgeous Tasmanian summer is almost here, but we all know how quickly those fleeting months go by. Of course, before you know it, you'll be wondering how it's already over.

Don't let the lazy days of summer keep you from making the most of these precious warm months. Fill your weekends with fun activities so you can look back and say you had a summer well spent. Fortunately, there are tonnes of festivals throughout Tasmania this season. Check off each of these events and complete your summer festival bucket list! 

September 23-24: Blooming Tasmania Flower and Garden Festival 

Some of Tasmania's best summer flora can be found at the Blooming Tasmania Flower and Garden Festival. Take a trip to the historic Albert Hall Launceston and learn more about the area's horticulture and floristry, and admire the landscape and themed trails. It's a great event to kick off the summer!

October 1-31: Devonport Food and Wine Festival 

Because good food and wine shouldn't be confined to just a weekend, Devonport has made this festival a whole month long! Come enjoy Tasmania's local cuisine and produce or sign up for a cooking class on how to prepare new dishes. You can also expand your wine vocabulary by tasting some of the region's best bottles. 

November 17-19: Effervescence Tasmania 

This is a weekend dedicated to the world class sparkling wines and flavours that come from Tasmania. You're only going to be tasting the best of the best because the sparkling wines on menu are by invitation only. Don't miss this one as it's described as the best sparkling wine festival in the world. 

December 29-1 January: The Falls Music and Arts Festival 

Get your culture on by attending this festival that's well known around the world. The venue is stunning as it's overlooking Marion Bay and the Tasman Sea. You'll get three days of camping on-site, music of all genres and entertainment from comedians. It's a great way to ring in 2018. 

February 2-4: Festivale

This is the ultimate festival of the summer – it has a little something for everyone. It's held on the first weekend in February every year so it's an easy one to mark on your calendar. There are over 75 stalls featuring gourmet food, wine, beer and other spirits. As you peruse the stalls, look around at the entertainment, there's everything from street theatre to music and dance. 

There you have it, these festivals should have your summer covered! As you road trip around the region, stop on by your nearest MyMoodFood and grab a bite to eat. We'll keep you fuelled up with good food and coffee so you can make it to each event on time!