Our Food

Check out our most popular food items waiting for you today.

Burgers +

Egg and bacon sandwich $5.75

Toasted sandwiches $5.50

Egg and bacon roll $5.50

Vienna cheese and bacon $5.95

Cheese burger $5.95

Rolls +

Ham, chicken, salad rolls $7.50

Mixed sandwiches $6.95

Cakes +

Donuts $ 1.00 each  or 3 for $2.50

Vanilla slice $3.00

Jelly slice $ 3.20

Custard tart $3.00

Lamington $3.20

Fryer +

Dim sims 0.90c each or 3 for $2.00

Potato cake 0.90c each or 3 $2.00

Regular chips $3.80

Teriyaki medallions $1.30

Wing dings $2.00

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A little about our menu..

Our team get up early and go to bed late to bring you the finest food to keep you moving. They use the freshest ingredients, whipping up a variety of classic and gourmet sandwiches and rolls every day. While we are no longer the greasy takeaway you may remember from your childhood, we hold on to a range of classic fried treats.

Our burger recipe has been passed down from the original Mood Burger from the 1970’s. This burger once beckoned a Launceston customer to make a day trip to our Kempton store for a bite to eat.. in a helicopter. So it’s good!

These, plus so many more are great reasons to stop in to your nearest Mood Food on your next Tasmanian road trip.

We are always looking to improve and evolve our menu range. Is there something you would like to see at Mood Food? Let us know via our contact page.